Nutrition Coaching

DBJ Fitness is proud to add Nutrition Coaching.  Nutrition is a cornerstone to getting results.  There is no doubt when it comes to a fitness program nutrition is the toughest component.  The challenge is how to find an effective approach to improve our clients nutritional habits.  The key is to focus on the habits.   Just as you have a morning routine.  That routine is built upon habit whether you know or not.  When you wake up in the morning what is the first thing you do?  What is the second?  The third?  Do you have to think about each of the items?  My guess is 'no' its just what you do.   Well our approach works on creating, modifying and exchanging your current nutrition habits.

Do the changes happen over night?  No

Will the changes be tough?  Certainly some will be tougher than others, but with effort and real time application of each habit you will definitely create change.

How do I get involved with Nutrition Coaching?  The Nutrition Coaching program is a 12 month program.   The program is an online program so you will have access based on your schedule.

There are 3 ways get on board with DBJ Fitness Nutrition Coaching:
  1.  Nutrition Coaching (on-line)
  2.  Nutrition and Fitness Coaching (on-line)
  3.  Participating in a current Personal Training program with DBJ Fitness. 

If you are interested right now and would like to get additional information please give Darrell Morris a call at 720-298-0281 or email 

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